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In these two charts you can see the immense spending power of Chinese tourists (fig.1) and the surge in overseas Chinese travelers (fig.2).
The Power of WeChat

WeChat: A Guide for Brands and Publishers

Learn how to incorporate WeChat into your business plan..

Understanding Chinese Overseas Shoppers

This professional blog helps the retail industry worldwide to understand them, respect their culture and offer them an enjoyable shopping experience in international retail stores.

September 05, 2016

WeChat Marketing Crucial for Luxury Brands

For companies whether they are from foreign countries or mainland China, the potential of this cross-platform tool is truly extraordinary. The figures below regarding its huge potential and its growth will prove this to be so.

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Guess what Chinese tourists spend the most money on?
Discover the wide range of ways to connect to your customers using WeChat!
Can you ignore what 72% of Chinese tourists are connected with at home?
Tens of millions of users send Red Packets (formerly called “Lucky Money” or “Red Envelopes”) stuffed with digital cash to each other every day on WeChat. What is this amazing mobile payments product and how did it get so popular? See how WeChat transformed person-to-person payments into a form of communication and how your business can take advantage.
Starbucks is growing fast in China and aims to double its locations there in the next five years to reach 5,000 stores. But until recently, it lagged behind in China's craze for mobile payments. It began accepting WeChat pay after chains like McDonald's and KFC embraced Chinese mobile payments over a year earlier. It appears to be catching up fast.
Sending someone a Starbucks latte is a new twist on WeChat's virtual gifting games. Tencent says Starbucks is the first retail brand to use a social gifting feature in this way through WeChat or Weixin, as it's called in China. The all-purpose platform has 900 million global monthly active users.
You can gift a $4.50 grande latte to a colleague in China, who redeems it by having a barrista scan a QR code that turns up on their mobile screen. The whole process is seamless; it takes less than a minute to select a card, authorize mobile payment with a fingerprint and write a personalized message.
WeChat is everywhere..
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